Hello everybody
I just returned from a trip to Islay (my spiritual home) two weeks ago and still recovering. I always feel very well when I'm there but it takes me days to recover when I get back to the mainland. It must be the Islay air that makes me feel so well!
I didn't do any singing whilst I was there so as to give my voice a rest. Although Caraidean have stopped taking bookings, as I said in my last update, we have agreed to sing in Inchture church for our friends Gill and Stuart; we will appearing there on 15 June. There is also a slim chance of us going to sing in Edinburgh later in the year but I don't really think that that will happen. So after Inchture, Caraidean will be no more, which is a shame as we put a lot of work into our songs. But as I've said previously, we don't earn enough to even pay our travel expenses, so we've had to stop.
But Angus Folk is still going strong. Our summer concert is on 27 June and our guests this year will be Ewan Sutherland and Shona Donaldson. I remember first meeting Ewan at my first guest appearance at Blairgowrie folk club when I was 18, a very long time ago now! The concert will be held in Kirriemuir Old Parish Church at 7:30pm and there will be the usual buffet supper where wine and soft drinks will be available for a small donation.
Angus Folk have also been asked to sing in St. Margaret's church hall for the guild in November. Unfortunately it's on the same night as the Cancer support group's Christmas night out which we always have in November, so I won't be there.
Speaking of the cancer support group, Marjory and I had a good practise on Friday night in preparation for our forthcoming performance there in September to which we are both looking forward.
I'm not sure how much longer I will keep this website going with so little to speak about these days so I will have to give it some thought and come to a decision soon, until then, stay safe and take care
Norma x