Well folks, I returned back last Wednesday to Lunanhead after having a great week on Islay with my friends Dorothy and Arthur Bruce. Going a wee bit later in the year meant we had really good weather, which was part of our plan. It was the last two days of the Fèis at which I no longer sing nowadays anyway, so I was able to meet up with all my good friends on the island once again. And although it was exhausting for me I enjoyed it all very much.
James McEwan kindly gave us a tour of Ardnahoe Distillery, the latest distillery to be built on Islay. I have to say, it was really impressive. Martine Nouet was as gracious a host as ever at putting us up, or should I say, putting up with us! She has the most wonderful view of the sea from her conservatory and we often sat out on the decking area just looking at the vista. Very thought provoking.
I'm still singing with Angus Folk and although I wasn't at the Letham gig, I was at the Newtyle one, which went well.
Maureen Fenton, an old friend of mine and session clerk of St Margaret's church in Forfar, had asked if Angus Folk could sing at their Summer Fayre on the 23rd of June, but because we break up for summer this coming week, on the 12th to be precise, everyone thought it was out of the question. However, I thought I would ask my friend Marjory, with whom I sing duets now and again, if she wanted to do it with me (Marjory had a hip replacement in April) and she said yes. So now five members of Angus Folk (Marjory, Mary, Etta, Midge and myself) are going to sing. We're all looking forward to that.
I expect our next public singing event will be the Kirrie Festival in September. We tend not to accept too many gigs, as we have to keep learning new songs.
Unfortunately the weather has not been too good over the weekend, but we did have a lovely spell of warm and sunny days up until yesterday (Saturday 9th). I hope the warm weather returns soon!
That's all for now; please stay safe
Norma x