Hi everyone

I'm quite ashamed of myself for the lateness of this update I'm really sorry for this but it's just that there's not a lot to say. My voice is still giving me problems, so I just have to live with this, which is hard for me. I always took my voice for granted, the same as my health, but it just goes to show we should never take anything for granted.

Caraidean's gig in Inchture went very well. The fact that Elaine was unwell and couldn't be there, that Audrey's Dystonia was playing up and that I couldn't get up two steps to where we were to be playing ( I need something to hold on to) and had to rely on assistance from a very kind gentleman, these things aside, it went really well! Kathleen was the fittest of the three of us that night, but the audience loved us even though we had to alter some of the song arrangements due to Elaine's absence.

I had taken some of my CDs and sold them all and we also sold a number of Caraidean's CDs too, but sadly Caraidean is now no more.

The Angus Folk concert was a great success, with Ewen Sutherland's easy manner and great voice and Shona Donaldson's lovely accent (she is from the North East of the country). Shona sang mainly bothy ballads which the audience loved and of course Angus Folk also went down well.

Marjory and I did sing at the cancer support group in September and everyone enjoyed it, including both of us. It turns out that the group's night out is now on 15 November meaning I will be able to sing at St. Margaret's Guild after all, on 22 November. Angus Folk's tutor, Amy Lord, will have tutored us for ten years by the end of this month. She is originally from Dunblane, but earlier this year moved to Glasgow, now driving from Glasgow to Kirriemuir most weeks to tutor us. Amy is a real character and to celebrate this anniversary, Kathleen has written a song about her, which we intend to sing as a surprise at the end of the month.

I'm still plodding on with my memoirs, so I'll probably keep this blog going until they are finished and let you all know when they are ready.

My brain is getting really tired now, so all that remains for me to say is, until next time, whenever that will be, Take good care everyone.

Norma x