Huge apologies for this update being so late. I think it's my first of 2018, which is quite ridiculous.
The reason for the lateness is because I've been working on my memoirs and it's taking me ages, due to my concentration and focus areas being affected by my brain tumour. That and the fact I haven't really anything to report now that Caraidean have stopped singing. However, I'm happy to say that I've now reached the stage of writing about my mainland gigs which, along with Germany, will be by far the longest chapter!
It will definitely take a while, so please don't hold your breath! Angus Folk have done a couple of gigs and are about to do another in Letham on the 24th of this month. Unfortunately I'll not be with them, as I will be on holiday at that time, however, they have another gig in May in Newtyle; all being well I'll be at that one. Marjory and I have played three gigs this year, but she won't be at the Letham one either, as she is to have a hip replacement the day before. I'm enjoying what I am doing singing wise, so that's the main thing.
As for my health, well my last scan showed no sign of any re-growth of my tumour, so I'm to have another scan in August.
I'll be travelling home to Islay at the end of May, courtesy of Arthur and Dorothy Bruce and staying once again with Martine Nouet at Nerabus. We're coming a bit later this year in the hope of getting better weather, but as Martine pointed, out one can't guarantee the weather anywhere in Scotland. Which is true.
So I hope that those of you who read this update can forgive me for taking so long in writing it. Once again I apologise.
Thank you all for bearing with me and not giving up on me.
With Love,
Norma x